Lista de Keynotes


Keynote 1

Title: “ Design for Durability of Concrete Structures”


Full Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)


Keynote 2

Title: “Degradation models and measurement of corrosion in marine environment: sate of the art and challenges ”

Franck Schoefs

Full Professor, University of Nantes


Keynote 3

Title : “Durable structures. What we need to learn more!”

Manuela SALTA

Principal Researcher, Metallic Materials Division of LNEC


Keynote 4

Title: “ Limit state calculation of reinforcement corrosion”


Research Professor, Center for Research in Security and Durability of Structures and Materials, CSIC- Spain


Keynote 5

Title: “ Mechanisms involved in chloride transport through reinforced concrete – simulations of their effects on corrosion initiation”


Professor, Civil Engineering Department of La Rochelle University


Keynote 6

Title: “Novel sensors for monitoring the durability of concrete structures”

Muhammed BASHEER

Full Professor, Queen's University Belfast


Keynote 7

Title: "Sustainability of construction materials. An overview"


Principal Researcher, Materials Department of LNEC