Many buildings, bridges and other constructions located in coastal regions and in marine environments are very important components of national infrastructure and are vital for the economic and social development, not just at regional level, but also for each country as a whole. It has been recognised that the most common deterioration process affecting infrastructure is the corrosion of steel and reinforced concrete. However, in concrete structures, ASR is nowadays also a frequent concrete deterioration process in many structures. Corrosion and many other deterioration processes are accelerated in marine environments, inducing structural and functional risk, as well as detracting from the aesthetics of civil engineering structures. In the context of the current economic climate, owners and managers are being faced with severe budgetary restrictions for the management and maintenance of their structures, but currently they do not have the tools to optimise the resources at their disposal. To address properly these issues, it is necessary to know the damage processes and their consequences. This must also include information on how to diagnose and quantify correctly the deterioration processes, and to understand about the deterioration overtime and its structural consequences, as well as the ability to estimate appropriate intervention time and to implement systems to optimise the structures whole life cost. All these subjects and issues, such as structure sustainability, environmental impact and carbon footprint are also to be addressed in this conference.

The main topics of this Conference are:  

  • Durability of construction materials (steel and concrete,…)

  • Deterioration processes and modelling

  • Environmental loads and service life prediction

  • Testing and diagnostic techniques

  • Concrete treatments and repair methods

  • Steel protection methods

  • Innovative repair and protection systems

  • Sustainable concrete (using waste and recycled materials)

  • Monitoring of structures

  • Reliable asset management and structural safety

  • Case studies

With the aim of complementing the technical programme of ICDS12, two technical events will be organized on 29 and 30  May, prior to ICDS12: